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Acura CL Transmissions

Some years of Acura CL transmissions are known for experiencing gear failures and other serious issues after they have gotten around 40,000 miles on them. Because this problem is so common, many dealers have shortened their warranties so they can avoid paying for these repairs, which means you will be stuck with the bill should something go wrong with your Acura CL transmission. Instead of counting on your dealer to help you if your transmission gives out, consult with us to get a rebuilt transmission at half the price.

Our remanufactured Acura transmissions have been our specialty for years. All of our technicians can make these repairs at an expert level, which means that you can walk away with a quality product. To add to the security of your purchase, we have a nationwide warranty with unlimited miles that comes as a complementary part of every transmission purchase from our company.Click on the links below to select the year Acura CL transmission you need.

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